Speaker Information - HUM London 4th Dec 2019

The conference room

The conference room

Conference page & Agenda HERE 

General information: 

- Speakers can attend the whole day (more than welcome) or just rock up for your slot (arrive early, obvs). 

- Any questions please email andy@thevoyantist.com

- Obviously no selling from the stage. 

Audience - forward thinking Financial Advisers (mainly business owners, a mix but most small-medium sized firms) - audience size, between 250-300. 

Presentations (video - audio - slides) - please get your Powerpoint/KeyNote decks to me by 30th Oct 2018 (2 day before). If you have videos or audio, please have these as a separate file for the AV crew as a back up. The screen resolution is 16:9. 

Resources - presentation software - Haiku Deck (brilliant) . Quality pictures - free images Pexels - small charge PicFair

Times: each talk is for 30 minutes in total, so ideally plan a 27 mins start to finish (if 15 mins, then plan a 13 mins talk). TED Style. I have to be brutal on the timings. 

Video - each talk will be filmed (two camera angles) and freely shared after the event. We have a great AV crew and also a separate videographer. 

Venue contact (for any reason) - Giulia.Florindo@rcplondon.ac.uk

Dropbox - if you need to share a DB folder with me, my DB email is andrewhartuk@gmail.com - ideally just share the DB link via email. 



VLOG on the day:

Roger Edwards - this lovely chap (who most of you will know) will be filming  the VLOG (Video Blog) of the day, so answer his questions and do what he says :) 

Just a few short questions. 

Roger Edwards.jpg