The picture above is the main room. It'll be dressed differently and with a clear stage. It's a great room. 

General information: 

- Speakers can attend the whole day (more than welcome) or just rock up for your section. 

- Video and music can be added to your presentations. I will be speaking with the AV people about this in more depth soon. 

- All presentations will be filmed via two cameras. You can have a copy of your talk after the event, if you wish to.

- I will be selling virtual tickets after the event to people who could not make the day. 

- Any questions please email

- Obviously no selling from the stage. 


Schedule - Presentation Title

9:20-9:30 Andy Hart - Opening 

9:30-10:00 Abraham Okusanya - Preparing Clients for the Next Financial Crisis

10:00-10:30 Alan Smith - It's all about AUM! (Advisers Under Management) 

10:30-11:00 Stephen Greenfield - Dimensional Fund Advisors - Implications of Investor Behaviour

11:00-11:15 BREAK

11:15-11:45 Pete Matthew - Pre-suasion. 

11:45-12:15 Greg Davies - New Vistas in Risk Profiling

12:15-12:45 Nick Lincoln - TBC

12:45-13:45 Lunch Break

13:45-14:15 Graham Cox - Human Perception: How to change a clients mindset

14:15-14:45 Justin King - The unconscious mind, friend or fiend

14:45-15:15 Ramin Nakisa - Filling the Financial Knowledge Gap

15:15-15:45 Laura Janes - The Power of Being Human 

15:45-16:00 BREAK

16:00-16:30 Robin Powell - TBC

16:30-17:00 Anthony Villis - Behavioral Finance. So what?

17:00-17:30 Jason Butler - Money Moments - Simple steps to financial well-being

17:30-17:35 Andy Hart Close